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What is Abrash?

Abrash in hand made rugs

Abrash What is Abrash and why does my rug have it? What is Abrash? Hand-knotted rugs including Persian, Turkish and Oriental rugs possess inherent traits that contribute to their individuality. One such characteristic is the presence of color variations within the field or border, commonly referred to as abrash. This term, originating from the Arabic […]

What are White Knots and Why does my Rug have them?

White Knots in Hand Knotted Rugs

White Knots What are white knots and why does my rug have them? What are ‘White Knots’? ‘White Knots’ commonly found in Persian, Chinese and Oriental rugs, is a term used to describe the white tufts* that appear, seemingly at random in the pile of your hand knotted rug either over time or more noticeably […]

Moths and Moth Damage in Rugs


Moths and Moth Damage. There are several pests and insects that could be responsible for causing damage to your rugs and carpets in your home, but the likely culprits of moth damage are either the carpet moth or the clothes moth. Although it’s not actually the adult moth that causes the damage, it’s actually at […]

How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin Rug Cleaning Cheshire Featured

How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug Sheepskin rugs look and feel amazing when you have just bought it and laid it on the floor, but after a while you notice that the fur has started to matt together and is looking rather flat and dull, however you just aren’t sure how to clean your sheepskin […]

Can Rugs be good for your health?


Can Rugs be good for your health? Most of us over here in the UK are very house-proud people, and we’re often more than happy to have friends and family over, sharing the enjoyment and comfort of our homes. When shopping for furniture and fittings, you’re always on the lookout for the right balance of […]

Restoring a Fringe on a Hand Knotted Rug


Restoring a Fringe on a Hand Knotted Rug One of our regular customers from Knutsford who has a large collection of Hand knotted rugs brought in one of her Persian design Indian rugs ( a.k.a an Indo Persian rug) to be cleaned. She was as planning on removing the sewn-on lattice fringing because a large […]

Local Couple set up Rug Cleaning Spa


Local Couple set up Rug Cleaning Spa Local Couple Set up Rug Cleaning Spa in Northwich, Cheshire.Derek and Sian West had been running their successful carpet and upholstery business Arcadia Cleaners in Cheshire for 10 years. Their customers asked on a regular basis if they would also clean their rugs. So they set up Arcadia […]

How to Remove Dog Hair from your Rug


How to Remove Dog Hair From your Rug Dogs are definitely our best friends, providing us with comfort, companionship and loyalty. But, as much as we love them, we don’t love the fact our rugs are full of the hair shed during their constant rolling around and playing in the house. When you have a […]

Signs you need to Restore your Oriental Rug


Signs you need to Restore your Oriental Rug An Oriental rug is so much more than a piece of decoration that ties the room together, it’s an item of homeware that holds history and memories. They can last a long time and survive a lot of wear. However, over time and through accidents, they can […]

Hand Knotted Rug Repairs & Restoration


Hand Knotted Rug Repairs and Restoration Although most hand knotted, hand woven, handmade rugs are very durable, they can become damaged over time either from fading, wear and tear, moth damage, pet damage, water damage or even accidental damage. Here at Arcadia rug spa we have many solutions to rescue, salvage and correct your rug […]