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Chinese Rug Cleaning

Treat your Chinese Rug to a specialist clean at our bespoke rug spa in Cheshire

Chinese Rug Cleaning Cheshire

A specialist Chinese Rug cleaning service based in Cheshire. We offer a bespoke rug cleaning experience and thorough deep cleaning of your precious Chinese Rugs.

Chinese rugs have a think pile often of around 2 inches in depth and need specialists drying after cleaning. They should never be cleaned in your home due to drying limitations.

Chinese Rug Cleaners

Chinese Rug Cleaning Process

  • Pre – Inspection, any existing conditions noted.
  • Colour Fastness and condition tests which determined our cleaning procedure
  • Dry soil removal – This includes air dusting and beating depending on condition tests
  • Washing in our purpose built wash pit.
  • Any additional treatments needed such as urine, odour, stains and moth treatments..
  • Drying – thoroughly dried within hours.
  • Grooming – Setting the pile
  • Post – Inspection 
  • Your rug is now clean and fresh and ready for collection 

You can read all about our thorough cleaning process and about each step in great detail on our Rug Cleaning Process Page

Cleaning a Chinese Rug.

Chinese rugs are typically hand knotted and use wool yarn for the pile of the rug and cotton for the foundations. They are often have a pale and pastel colour palette. They are usually 90 line or 120 line in quality which refers to the number of knots in a linear meter in a line. They are often “Super Washed” which gives them that “shiny” and “lustre” appearance to the wool, which is designed to give them an appearance similar to silk. However being super washed can lead to conditions such as yellowing of the wool fibres and prone to staining

We have many years experience, the correct rug cleaning equipment and cleaning products to clean your Chinese Rug safely and thoroughly. We are also Woolsafe approved members meaning you can be rest assured your Chinese wool rug is in safe hands.

A Rug Cleaning Service that is highly sought after, Trusted & Reliable

We are a family run business who specialise in just rug cleaning and rug restoration. We have over 30 combined years experience in the rug cleaning industry and are proud of our dedication to expert care and knowledge of all types of rugs.

To find out how we can bring a new life back to your precious rugs, give us a call today on 01606 882712 or fill in the form and we’ll give you a quotation based on your needs.

The making of a Chinese Rug 

The most distinctive trait of a modern hand-knotted Chinese Rug is its colouration; the palette tends to consist of pale pinks, blues and greens. These shades are then laced over details such as flowers and birds which can be fully carved into the rug; making them have a very delicately beautiful aesthetic. Then, we have the more traditional Chinese rugs which go by the name of ‘Peking’; these rugs are usually identified through being ivory, and navy blue- this popular design dates right back to the early rug making years in the Peking region (hence the name) and they too, hold exquisite features. However, these are not seen as often these days.

Another characteristic to look out for on Chinese rugs are white knots; these white tufts are the cotton foundations of the rug poking through the wool pile and they become more apparent after cleaning. Similarly, China also produces pure tufted rugs; these are inferior to hand-knotted rugs because even though they look similar and are a lot cheaper, they are not of the same standard of quality, meaning they will only last a fraction of the time a hand-knotted rug would. 

Chinese Handknotted rugs are very well-made, meaning they usually last decades and are very often passed down to several generations of a family. And to prove it, most of the Chinese Rugs that we are approached with have been passed down by ‘grandma’- so, they are definitely made to last! 

Chinese Rug Cleaning
Cleaning a Chinese Rug

Chinese Rugs: Care Information

A Chinese rug’s knot count is measured in a very unique way- most other rug producing regions measure their rugs’ density in KPI (Knots Per Inch), whereas a Chinese rug is measured in ‘Lines’. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re of lesser quality; in fact, China is also known to produce very high-quality silk rugs that have a high density. 

One downside to Chinese Rugs is that some of them are treated with a ‘Super Wash’; this is also known as a lustre wash, silk wash or fine wash, and they all stand for the rug being treated with a chemical that can permanently damage the wool. As most Chinese rugs are made out of coarse wool fibres, they go through a ‘Super Wash’ to soften them up to appear shinier, much like the appearance of silk. However, even though it may be more appealing, this actually strips the wool of its natural stain resistant properties- meaning stains from food and drink spills can be permanent.

Other issues that we tend to see when cleaning Chinese Rugs are yellowing of the fibres and pile reversal. Also, we get a lot of cases where our clients have previously chopped off the fringing of their Chinese rug; whether that’s due to them disliking them or because they get caught in the hoover. If you have done this, don’t worry, you won’t be the first or the last! However, this is not recommended because when chopping the tassels, you are also cutting the foundations of the rug. Because of this, your rug won’t be held together as well, and you will most likely experience unravelling and tufts that have started to come loose.

To take the best care of your Chinese rug, you need to ensure that it gets professionally cleaned because of its detailing and pile quality. Here at Arcadia Rug Spa, we are highly specialised in cleaning every type of Oriental rug under the sun; meaning your rug would receive the best care possible!

In the meantime, here are some fun facts on Chinese Rugs:

  • The Chinese rug’s commercial production dates right back to the early 19th century where they were distributed all over the world, but mostly to America and the West.
  • The first rugs for the imperial court were made in China, which was about 2,000 years ago!
  • You can also find Chinese Rugs with dragons on; these are a sign of Buddhism or Taoism.

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