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Signs you need to Restore your Oriental Rug

An Oriental rug is so much more than a piece of decoration that ties the room together, it’s an item of homeware that holds history and memories. They can last a long time and survive a lot of wear. However, over time and through accidents, they can begin to experience damage and wear on a more significant level.

Many of the rugs that people have in their home will not be widely available on the market, instead, people choose to buy Authentic rugs that they can only find by specific suppliers, or they have been passed down to them in the family. This makes it much harder to replace the rug that we once loved with something of such value. But, what if we told you that you didn’t have to?

Continue reading this blog for our insight into the main signs that you need to restore your Oriental rug; by being able to identify an issue with your rug, and by getting it professionally dealt with, your rug will last much longer.

Here at Arcadia Rug Spa, our rug restoration services include a thorough rug cleaning process using only the most industry-leading equipment. Whether your rug is damaged from fire, pets, age, mould or just general wear and tear, we have the knowledge and tools to restore your rug to its former glory. Our services are suitable for all types of rugs, including modern, wool, oriental, Persian and sheepskin hides.

Excessive Stains
Stains can occur from anything such as spillages, muddy paws any household maintenance problems, amongst other reasons. If you haven’t adequately protected your carpet when fixing up the house or scrubbed them when you first spilt food or drink, stains can settle and become deeply embedded – and no amount of elbow grease is going to make them budge!

Rather than accepting this fate – or throwing the rug out – we can remove these deep stains and restore your carpet back to a clean, stain-free state. With our 12-step cleaning process, we are able to fully remove any unwanted marks or stains, as well as refresh the entire carpet.

Musty Odour
Do you smell something musty coming from your floor, but you have no idea where it is coming from? Get a little closer to your rug and take a sniff – a musty odour from your rug is a clear sign that it needs cleaning. These odours occur when a rug retains water is then absorbed into small crevices that are challenging to see.

When this water isn’t found, mould will begin growing on the carpet, which is not only dangerous for you to breathe in (especially if you have younger children and pets) but it can also smell horrible, too. Once you begin to smell something of a similar nature, it’s imperative that you act fast! Again, our 12 step cleaning process will ensure that all mould is removed, while also improving on its overall smell.

Wrinkling and Rippling
Another clear sign that your rug needs to be repaired and restored is when it begins to form wrinkles and ripples, however they have formed. Even if the wrinkling appears minimal, immediate repair is advised, as opposed to waiting as this can prevent further damage to the carpet.

By approaching us with a ripple or wrinkle-infested rug, we can use our specially designed equipment to iron our these imperfections; leaving you with a super smooth surface.

Uneven Appearence
Have you started to notice an uneven appearance to your rug? Do certain areas have more wear and tear? Or are the colours fading on just one side? This may be due to some areas of your rug being trampled on more than others, and by you neglecting to rotate it on a regular basis. If you have noticed such wear then it is a sign that your rug needs to be restored.

With a deep clean and by it being fully restored at our Cheshire rug spa, we will be able to reignite the colour palette in your rug, as well as have it evened out so that the difference in texture isn’t noticeable.

Arcadia Rug Spa
Here at Arcadia Rug Spa, we are able to identify the signs that you need to restore your Oriental rug. By using our top-tier equipment, and as a dedicated and careful team, your rug will be left in the most reliable hands. With extensive training in rug restoration and cleaning, our team have the necessary knowledge needed to properly care for every rug that they come into contact with.

A lot of the time, rugs need to be deep cleaned due to pets and children etc; this can cause unevenness in the appearance, as well as dirt that gets dug in deep. As experts, we can help eradicate this dirt and odour, and ensure that your rug is restored to its raw condition.

Sometimes, our rugs need more complex repairs due to fire and flood damage, age, mould or general wear. Our team has the knowledge to ensure that your precious rug is being cared for in the specific way that counteracts these issues, thus leaving it restored and repaired so that you don’t have to say goodbye to your rug.

Check out our website today to learn more about Arcadia Rug Spa, our rug cleaning services in Cheshire and how we can help bring your well-loved carpet back to life. We care about restoring rugs and have a gentle and careful approach when taking care of every one that we are approached with.