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Afghan Rug Cleaning

Treat your Afghan Rug to a specialist clean at our bespoke rug spa in Cheshire

Afghan Rug Cleaning Cheshire

A specialist Afghan Rug cleaning service based in Cheshire. We offer a bespoke rug cleaning experience and thorough deep cleaning of your precious Afghan Rugs.

Afghan rugs are often made with hand dyed wool yarn which needs a particular way of being cleaned and should never be cleaned in your home. 

Afghan Rug Cleaners

Afghan Rug Cleaning Process

  • Pre – Inspection, any existing conditions noted.
  • Colour Fastness and condition tests which determined our cleaning procedure
  • Dry soil removal – This includes air dusting and beating depending on condition tests
  • Washing in our purpose built wash pit.
  • Any additional treatments needed such as urine, odour, stains and moth treatments..
  • Drying – thoroughly dried within hours.
  • Grooming – Setting the pile
  • Post – Inspection 
  • Your rug is now clean and fresh and ready for collection 

You can read all about our thorough cleaning process and about each step in great detail on our Rug Cleaning Process Page

Cleaning an Afghan Rug.

Afghan rugs are typically hand knotted and use wool yarn for both the pile and the foundations of the rug. They are often deep red, blue and black in colour and many are woven by tribes. Afghan rugs woven by tribes can come with some conditions such as being heavily over dyed and bleeding. This is why it isn’t recommended to have your Afghan Rug cleaned in your home by a carpet cleaning machine.

We have many years experience, the correct rug cleaning equipment and cleaning products to clean your Afghan Rug safely and thoroughly. We are also Woolsafe approved members meaning you can be rest assured your Afghan wool rug is in safe hands.

A Rug Cleaning Service that is highly sought after, Trusted & Reliable

We are a family run business who specialise in just rug cleaning and rug restoration. We have over 30 combined years experience in the rug cleaning industry and are proud of our dedication to expert care and knowledge of all types of rugs.

To find out how we can bring a new life back to your precious rugs, give us a call today on 01606 882712 or fill in the form and we’ll give you a quotation based on your needs.

Afghan Rugs

Afghanistan rugs, also known as Afghan rugs, are world-renowned for their beauty and quality. Like any other Oriental rug, an Afghan rug holds just as much authenticity and expense, and are often passed down family generations, as well as classed as a major investment. However, an Afghan rug is harder to distinguish because they take inspiration from all kinds of cultures, even though they are always of the highest value.

Afghan rugs are all hand woven in Afghanistan but are also known to be created by Afghan refugees that are residing in Pakistan. This craftsmanship is usually found in northern or western Afghanistan by various ethnic groups- predominantly Turkmen. Being world-leading in the industry, the most distinctive oriental rugs are the Shindand or Adraskan- both named after local Afghan towns and woven in the Herat Province of western Afghanistan.

Gold Afghan Rug Cleaning
Clean Afghan Rug
Afghan Rug Cleaning

What Makes An Afghan Rug?

Usually, if you were able to pinpoint an Afghan rug, it’d be from their human, animal and war-related designs, and their deep red and blue colours. They are unable to be ordered to size, meaning that every single rug is exclusive to the owner. The reasoning behind them being classed as exotic is due to their designs and the finest materials that are used to create one.


From the 80s when a never been seen before Afghan rug was completely different from the usual Persian stylisation from it being born during the Soviet Union, Afghan rugs have always portrayed such war scenes to keep them iconic- helicopters, weaponry and tanks are just three details that are often featured on then. These beautiful and touching rugs are valued from their origins and what they stand for.


Afghan rugs, like other Oriental rugs, Can come from popular tribes; for instance Turkman and Baluchi carpets. Baluchi carpets resembling the tribal weaving’s of Central Asia, from the colouring to the quality of weave that differ from Persian rugs. They are usually coarse to medium in weave and are made out of felted wool, flat non-pile fabric or wool, cotton and silk for the pile and knotted versions. Making them very varied so that they stay authentic and one of a kind.

How to Care for An Afghan Rug

With their Persian knots and vegetable-dyed hand-spun Afghan wool, it doesn’t come as a surprise that these beauties are passed down generations from their history and legacy; but, this also means that they need to be cared for appropriately so that their story only continues.

At home, taking care of a rug is pretty straight-forward; rotating, hoovering and keeping them out of direct sunlight are a must. In terms of wear, ensuring that you are using all aspects of the rug rather than just one will keep the rug’s weave’s wear distributed well.

In terms of cleaning, we recommend an oriental rug cleaning service. Here at Arcadia Rug Spa, we have the expertise and experience in handling all types of Oriental rugs of all different knot depths and fabrics, meaning it is rare that we are approached with a rug that we can’t restore and bring back to life.

Our Afghan rug cleaning services go above and beyond; with our 12 step processes, we are able to treat stains, correct the direction of the pile and deep clean it so that it feels renewed and refreshed. Washing Oriental rugs is what we do best, so wouldn’t you want your prized possession to be in the best hands?

With industry-leading equipment and only the best-ingredient products, we can do our best at restoring rugs back to their raw state. You may think that washing oriental rugs is easy, but without the right processes, their quality can be significantly compromised, especially an Afghan rug which is of the highest standards.

This is why we first assess your rug, to begin with; this allows us to ensure that your rug is viable for our services; a lot of complications can arise from Oriental rugs; bleeding, wear and stains that even our own hands can’t counteract. So, pop into our Cheshire rug cleaning facility today, and we can give you our verdict!

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