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Rug Repairs and Rug Restoration

Arcadia Rug Spa – Where rugs are lovingly restored and repaired.

Rug Repairs & Restoration Cheshire

Different types of Rugs all come with their individual issues and age related wear and tear. We can help to restore your rugs or simply help to slow down the aging and wear process.

We cater for all types of rugs and fibres and offer our customers a wide range of options for Rug Repairs from cost effective solutions to full restoration services, which also compliments our rug cleaning service

We happily carry out rug repairs on Hand knotted, Tufted, Woven and Flatweave rugs and more.


Common Hand Knotted Rug Repairs

Fringe Damage

The fringes or tassels of hand knotted rugs are first area to show signs of wear and tear, Fringes that have alot of wear may also be unsecure meaning your rug is losing tufts.

We can offer a couple of options from a simple tidy and secure to a full restoration of the fringes.

Side Cord Damage

Some hand knotted rugs are prone to damage of the side cord (a.k.a side binding, edge whipping or selvedge) The yarn can wear or the side cord itself can come away from the rest of the rug.

We offer both reweaving, rebuilding and securing of the side cords

Holes, Rips and Tears

Damage can be caused by a number of problems, but if your rug has a rip, tear or a hole forming it’s best to seek the help of a rug restoration service to repair or or secure your rug ASAP.  

We offer a full range of repairs and restoration of holes, rips and tears

Moth Damage

Often you don’t notice a moth problem until you see your rug has a large area of tufts missing. Once thoroughly treated for the moth issue, customers often wish to restore the missing tufts.

We offer a full reweaving service, restoring your rug to its former glory.

Common Flatweave Rug Repairs

Hole Repairs

Flatweave rugs can be prone to holes, rips and tears as they aren’t as stronge as hand knotted piled rugs.

Heavy furniture can put pressure on the warp foundations and caused them to be weak or damaged which quickly results in a small tear that will turn into a large hole if not repaired quickly.

We offer a full range of options for repairing flatweave rugs

Fringe Restoration

Fringes on all types of rugs are prone to wear and tear, but an unsecure fringe on a flatweave rug can quickly lead to the rug loosing it’s weave and pattern. A simple securing option, by tying off the fringe with a traditional Persian knot will secure your rug and keep it in good condition for many more years to come. 

We also offer a full fringe restoration service for all types of flatweave rugs

Side Cord Repairs

Some of the mass produced flatweave rugs made in India, such as the Dhurrie rug have hand bound edges (selvedges) but as they make muliple rugs at a time the edges of the rug are not a continuous weave and there for the hand binds can come loose over time with use.

We can offer a full range of repair options for securing and restoring the side cords on a flatweave rug.

Common Machine Woven Rug Repairs

Side Binding Repairs

The side cords of a machine made rug can wear quickly with regular use, however they are quite easy to replace and we have a whipping machine that can replace these side cords with fresh new wool yarn. 

We have a huge range of wools and over 300 different colours to choose from, sometimes customers choose a completely new colour for a change.

Fringe Repairs

Machine made rugs usually have premade fringes that are stitched onto the rug or have fringes created by a fringing machine, producing a fringe that is woven into the rug.

As the fringes are usually not integeral to the rug they can be replaced with our fringing machine or you can choose to remove them completely and finish the rug off with a machine bind.

Holes, Rips and Tears

Machine woven rugs can suffer with rips, tears and holes due to a number of reasons, However it isn’t always cost effective to have them restored by there are alternative options which we can offer.

Patch repairs and securing are a great way to cost effectively repair your rug and keep it in a good condition for you to continue to use it for many more years.

Common Tufted Rug Repairs

Missing Tufts Repairs

It is a common issue from tufted rugs to lose tufts, this is becaused the tufts are glued in place and as the glue wears and breaks down the tufts can come loose and start to fall out.

We offer a full retufted service with a great range of colours to choose from, if we don’t have a close colour match then as dye specialists we can colour match the missing colour.

Backing Material Repairs

The backing material on the back of a tufted rug is glued in place to secure the tufts in the rug. Over time as you use your rug the glues can start to break down and the material begins to come loose. Sometimes this can be accelerated by drink spills or pet accidents.

We offer a full rebacking service of tufted rugs or if it’s just one area we can secure this too.

Edge Tape Repairs

Often tufted rugs have material bands running along the edges of the back of the rug. As these are glued into place, they can become loose and begin to peel off with everyday use of your rug. 

They can be reattached or replaced with new material tape. We offer both services as they hold the backing material in place, so it’s important to keep them in good condition.

Our Rug Repair and Restoration Work

Machine Made Rug Fringe Alteration

This Turkish Machine made rug came in to be cleaned and the customer asked about the options about the tired fringing. As the fringes were not an integeral part of the rug, the customer choose to remove the fringes completely and have all the edges finished with a machine bind finishing off the rug nicely.

Persian Rug Hole Restoration

This Persian Rug had been the victim of a slow water leak from above, causing the cotton foundations to become rotten and deteriorate resulting in a large hole. We removed the rotten sections, rebuilt the missing foundations and then hand weaved the 5500 missing knots of wool tufts.




Machine-Fringe-After Repair



Chinese Hand Knotted Rug Fringe Restoration

This Chinese rug had suffered from a vacuum accident and was missing a section of the fringe. We secured the damaged area and restored the fringe with new matching cotton to restore the missing section.

Tufted Rug Missing Tufts Repair

This rug was damaged by the customers pet dog pulling the tufts from the rug. As the tufting foundation material inside wasn’t damaged we were able to reweave the missing tufts and secure them in place. 








A Rug Restoration Service that is highly sought after, Trusted & Reliable

We are a family run business who specialise in just rug cleaning and rug restoration. We have over 30 combined years experience in the rug care industry and are proud of our dedication to expert care and knowledge of all types of rugs.

To find out how we can bring a new life back to your precious rugs, give us a call today on 01606 882712 or fill in the form and we’ll give you a quotation based on your needs.

Fringe Damage (Tassels)

The most common repairs we see with hand knotted rugs is the Fringe deteriorating due to wear, everyday foot traffic or the vacuum cleaner sucking them up.

Is there anything that can be done?

Fringes are an extension of the warp foundations of the rug so it’s important not to just cut them off when they start to show signs of wear.

We can offer a tidy and secure option where we hand tie a special running knot along the fringe to secure and prevent further rapid deterioration of your rug. It won’t last forever but it will certainly give you many more years to the life of your rug. A full Fringe restoration option where we can complete restore the fringes. Or even hand binding the ends of the rug if you are not so keen on the fringes.

Before After
Before After

Side Cord Damage

General wear of Hand knotted rugs can also see damage caused to the side cords of the rug. This is where we would need to repair the edge of the rug.

Mid way side cord detached from rug. This can happen when the weft foundations have snapped inside and no longer keep the side cord warps in place. We can reattach the side cord by putting in new supporting wefts.

End side cord damage when this happens we quite often notice that not only has the side cord come away from the rug but it might have also lose a couple of the pile knots too.

We can either hand bind the side cord to secure the rug so no further damage can happen then will leave a slight indentation depend how much of the pile has been lost but it will prevent any further damage.

We can also rebuild the missing area of the damaged side this means putting in new Warp and Weft foundations and adding in new knots. This process requires very intricate work and may not always be cost effective for you and your rug.

Holes and Tears.

Heavy furniture placed on top if a rug can cause a lot of pressure on the foundations of a hand knotted rug and can then lead to a hole developing in the middle of the rug.

Another cause of holes in the middle could be down to moth damage where the wool fibres have been eaten away.

There are several options when it come to securing/restoring a hole/tear.

Depending on the condition of the rug and what has caused the hole there could be an option to secure or restore the hole.

From putting a securing stitch around the area so it doesn’t get any worse to putting in new supporting warp and weft founds and re-weaving in new knots to create the pile.

Please note: We provide you with several options for securing and restoration work, which will range from cost effective securing to extensive full restoration that you can choose from, that will suit both your budget and your rug.

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