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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Treat your Oriental Rug to a specialist clean at our bespoke rug spa in Cheshire

Oriental Rug Cleaning Cheshire

A specialist Oriental Rug cleaning service based in Cheshire. We offer a bespoke rug cleaning experience and thorough deep cleaning of your precious Oriental Rugs.

Oriental rugs are often made with hand dyed wool yarn which needs a particular way of being cleaned and should never be cleaned in your home. 

Chinese Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

  • Pre – Inspection, any existing conditions noted.
  • Colour Fastness and condition tests which determined our cleaning procedure
  • Dry soil removal – This includes air dusting and beating depending on condition tests
  • Washing in our purpose built wash pit.
  • Any additional treatments needed such as urine, odour, stains and moth treatments..
  • Drying – thoroughly dried within hours.
  • Grooming – Setting the pile
  • Post – Inspection 
  • Your rug is now clean and fresh and ready for collection 

You can read all about our thorough cleaning process and about each step in great detail on our Rug Cleaning Process Page

Cleaning an Oriental Rug.

“Oriental rug” is a term used to describe a rug where you are not sure of the origin but mainly from the middle and far east regions of the world. They are often hand knotted and use wool yarn for the pile and cotton yarn the foundations of the rug. As they are rugs woven in many different ways, with different techniques and can come with a multitude of conditions that will need specialist attention. It’s important to have your Oriental Rug cleaned at a dedicated rug cleaning spa and NOT in your home by a carpet cleaning machine

We have many years experience, the correct rug cleaning equipment and cleaning products to clean your Oriental Rug safely and thoroughly. We are also Woolsafe approved members meaning you can be rest assured your Oriental rug is in safe hands.

Persian Oriental Rug Cleaning
A Rug Cleaning Service that is highly sought after, Trusted & Reliable

We are a family run business who specialise in just rug cleaning and rug restoration. We have over 30 combined years experience in the rug cleaning industry and are proud of our dedication to expert care and knowledge of all types of rugs.

To find out how we can bring a new life back to your precious rugs, give us a call today on 01606 882712 or fill in the form and we’ll give you a quotation based on your needs.

What is an Oriental Rug?

The term ‘oriental rug’ is very broad; although a high percentage of the rugs that fit this category bare unique features that allow us to distinguish their origins, ultimately, the term describes a hand-knotted rug whose origins are unknown. So, as there are many types of ‘oriental rugs’ which are usually distinguished according to their region or country of origin, we are able to provide each one with a bespoke cleaning process.

The main types of rugs that you’ll find under this umbrella term are:

Persian Rugs – These are rugs that are made in Iran. They originate from a place known as Persia, hence the name that they stand by today. These are defined as the most beautiful hand-knotted rugs from their soft, blended colours producing elegant leaf, flower and bird prints. 

Chinese Rugs – These rugs, as you guessed it, are made in China. They are beautiful hand-crafted rugs that are usually made with wool and are often very dense. To be able to distinguish a Chinese Rug, look out for blues, pastels, floral patterns or religious symbols of the Western Pacific region. 

Afghan Rugs – These rugs are always made with coarse wool that is usually deep red. Their designs are very distinctive; with dark blue and black patterns and a gul design that is very commonly placed on them, too- a motif of octagonal or angular shape usually repeated to form an overall pattern. 

Indian Rugs – Rugs that are made in India usually replicate designs of Persian, Chinese and Aubusson rugs. It is easy to distinguish an Indian Rug from the rest, however, because the quality of their weaves isn’t as high as the originals. Nonetheless, their designs still encompass delightful plants and animals. 

Pakistani Rugs – Again, this is another country that has copied designs from other regions. The most popular Pakistani rug design called the Bokhara design was replicated from the old Turkoman Tribe- and it was the first-ever made in Pakistan! These rugs are woven on a cotton foundation with an asymmetric knot. 

Tibetan and Nepalese Rugs – These countries produce their rugs with a very distinctive pile due to the way that they wrap the yarn around a rod when making the rug. Thus, this technique leaving visible rows in the pile of the rug. In contemporary times, these rugs are often sculpted after they are removed from the weave. 

Turkish Rugs – Rugs that are made in Turkey are usually made with a wool pile and wool foundations. They use bright, bold colours, and they typically have rectangular, geometric patterns and floral patterns placed in rows in their designs. You can’t miss a Turkish Rug! 

Caucasian Rugs – These are very vibrant-looking rugs that come from the Caucasus Mountains between Europe and Asia. With reds, blues, yellows and other bright colours, these rugs are definitely eye-catching. These are entirely made out of wool, from the knotted pile to the warp and wefts, too. 

Moroccan Rugs – These rugs have been woven for centuries in Morocco. They are very distinctive in that their pile is thick and shaggy on a cotton foundation. They tend to bear the added detail of fringing and have either simple or bold designs on them. The simple being a neutral colour palette of ivory and browns, creating a simple pattern, and the more daring designs incorporating brighter colours into the mix.

Prayer Rugs – These are, as stated in their name, primarily used for prayers of several religions. These are made in Islamic regions of Asia, and always withhold a pointed or arch-shaped pattern which represents the prayer niche of the mosque. Muslims face Mecca (their holy city) while they pray, so the rug’s design is pointed towards it. 

Common Conditions and Issues

Oriental rugs can come with a number or pre-existing issues or develop some conditions over time. Not all issues are a cause for concern however if you have any concerns ask your specialist rug cleaner for help and advice.

Here are some common conditions and issues found in all types of rugs

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