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Wool Rug Cleaning

Treat your Wool Rug to a specialist clean at our bespoke rug spa in Cheshire

Wool Rug Cleaning Cheshire

A specialist Wool Rug cleaning service based in Cheshire. We offer a bespoke rug cleaning experience and thorough deep cleaning of your precious Wool Rugs.

Wool rugs can be Hand knotted, Woven or Tufted and all these different types needs a particular way of being cleaned and should never be cleaned in your home. 

Tufted Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool Rug Cleaning Process

  • Pre – Inspection, any existing conditions noted.
  • Colour Fastness and condition tests which determined our cleaning procedure
  • Dry soil removal – This includes air dusting and beating depending on condition tests
  • Washing in our purpose built wash pit.
  • Any additional treatments needed such as urine, odour, stains and moth treatments..
  • Drying – thoroughly dried within hours.
  • Grooming – Setting the pile
  • Post – Inspection 
  • Your rug is now clean and fresh and ready for collection 

You can read all about our thorough cleaning process and about each step in great detail on our Rug Cleaning Process Page

Cleaning a Wool Rug.

Wool rugs are typically hand knotted, machine woven or tufted. Some can come with some conditions such as moth damage, yellowing, spots/stains and dye bleed. They can also hold on to moisture and this is why it isn’t recommended to have your Wool Rug cleaned in your home with a carpet cleaning machine.

We have many years experience, the correct rug cleaning equipment and cleaning products to clean your Wool Rug safely and thoroughly. We are also Woolsafe approved members meaning you can be rest assured your Wool rug is in safe hands.

Wool Rug Cleaning

Being such a valuable asset to one’s family or as a new investment, it is only right that you take care of your wool rug yourself, too. Regular hoovering will keep the fibres in excellent condition, but do not be alarmed if your new wool rug begins to shed while doing this; the carpet will not become bare, it’s just due to the wool pile. We recommend that you hoover your rug at least twice weekly during the first few months, then the shedding will lessen significantly.

Beating and hoovering is also essential when eradicating dust and dirt. If your wool rug has fringing, start in the centre and work your way out when hoovering, but ensure that you use an upholstery attachment for the fringed edges. Other than that, rotating and keeping out of direct sunlight will help your wool rug last longer and keep an even tone throughout the colouring.

For a deeper clean, we recommend that you use professional rug cleaning services. To ensure your wool rug’s care is taken care of accordingly, specialised machinery and processes must be undergone. At our Cheshire rug spa, our cleaning processes are made up of 12 steps so that your wool rug leaves feeling, looking and smelling exceptionally.

By vacuuming your rug using an industrial vacuum to remove all initial dirt and soil, beating the rug with our beating machine to remove all soil, dirt and debris deep down in the pilage of the rug and by air streaming deep-piled rugs to remove any remaining soils, the rug will be ready for our cleaning prep.

Our pet pre-treatments ensure that any pet-related odours are banished, and washed out thoroughly with our Centrifuge spinning machine before we undergo our submersion cleaning method that involves your rug being placed into our rug washing pit with about an inch of water and rug cleaning solution which both work their way through the fibres. 

Then, our stain treatments begin- if a stain is permanent, we will identify this at the beginning where we inspect your rug thoroughly. That then leaves the rinsing, drying, grooming and last inspection/finishing touches. Afterwards, you should be left with a rejuvenated rug that has been given the best chances at being returned to its original state.

With over 20 years of rug-industry experience, we are confident in our processes which work to clean and repair your rug so that it lasts for years longer, without it looking or feeling older. All we need to do is inspect your wool rug so that we can determine whether or not it is viable for our services.

Wool rugs can be subjected to spillages and stains, as well as excessive wear and white knots which can become a more profound problem from their usually deep piles. All three of these issues can be eliminated through our cleaning and repairing processes if the issue hasn’t become too significant. This is why we must assess the condition of your rug!

If you’re looking for a wool rug cleaning and repairing service in Cheshire, contact us today or drop into our rug spa in Northwich and we will be more than happy to inspect your rug for you, as well as quote you there and then. We realise that some rugs are family heirlooms or just prized possessions, which is why we make it our mission to deliver you with results.


Anyway, on a lighter note and for a little bit of rug fun, check out the fun facts below:

  • Wool fibres have microscopic scales, thus providing a natural resistance to soiling!
  • If a wool rug is set on fire, it is very unlikely that it’ll spread because it is flame-resistant!
  • The fleece of sheep has been used to make clothing since the Stone Age, and rugs since the 15th century!
  • Wool rugs can control the humidity levels in your home by absorbing moisture from the air when it’s damp and releasing the moisture back into the air when it dries: creating a healthy atmosphere in your home, all year round.
Wool Rug Cleaning

Tufted Wool Rug

Hand knotted Wool Rug Cleaning

Hand Knotted Wool Rug

Hooked Wool Rug Cleaning

Hand Made Hooked Wool Rug

Machine woven Wool Rug Cleaning

Machine Woven Wool Rug

Caring and Cleaning Wool Rugs

Wool rugs, although expensive, are a beautiful addition to any home. With their durability, quality and aesthetic that is made of complete renewable fibres, it’s only right that you take good care of such an investment. From being renewably sourced, the likelihood of bacterial growth, stains and dust mites are little, but that doesn’t mean that maintaining the condition of your rug isn’t crucial so that these chances don’t heighten.

From the beginning, almost all Oriental and Persian rugs were made out of wool; wool being classed as a resilient and durable fibre that has cleanability and is economic; thus creating gorgeous carpet that lasts centuries. Here at Arcadia Rug Spa, we are approached by so many customers who have a wool rug that has been passed down to them through generations, and more often than not, their condition has been kept impeccable by receiving professional services regularly. 

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