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Can Rugs be good for your health?

Most of us over here in the UK are very house-proud people, and we’re often more than happy to have friends and family over, sharing the enjoyment and comfort of our homes. When shopping for furniture and fittings, you’re always on the lookout for the right balance of practicality, longevity and aesthetics. In short, you want things to work well, last a long time and look pretty.

Typically, when you’re thinking of things to buy, you’re expecting them to do one simple, basic job, but do it well too. You’re probably not going to buy a table that doubles up as a chopping board, for example, or a TV that you can hang your clothes off of while they dry. But have you ever considered that actually, some items for your home can double up in ways you mightn’t have even thought about before?

I know what you’re probably thinking right about now – where on earth are we going with this? The answer is literally resting at your feet. Aside from just keeping your toes cosy in the winter, have you ever stopped and thought about the alternative benefits that having a rug in your home can bring?

Aside from receiving compliments from your friends and family, rugs are actually known to act as giant filters. Filters which trap pollen, dust, hair and airborne pathogens, among other nasties, so it’s clear to see that actually, rugs are very practical investments indeed.

You might actually be thinking well, that’s pretty disgusting. Why would anyone actually want a rug if all of these things get trapped in them, right? Unfortunately, all of these things have a presence in your home regardless. The difference is that, with a rug, these airborne particles which you would breath in if they weren’t being actively trapped and held down at feet level by your rug, where they’re of little detriment to your health. Because of this, the chances of you ingesting them or inhaling them are significantly reduced, which is surely a very attractive prospect indeed and certainly something to be grateful for.

Realistically speaking, that rug of yours is a bit of a diamond, trapping everything down on the floor, enabling you to easily vacuum the majority of those nasties away at the end of the day.

The underlying issue however is that vacuuming alone only goes so far towards completely cleansing and sanitising your rug, so there will almost certainly be some remnants, invisible to the naked eye. Rest assured however, there’s a very simple solution to this problem, and that’s utilising a professional rug cleaning service

Not all rug cleaners are specialists in their field, so make sure you use a company that has a dedicated offsite facility that uses rug cleaning equipment and they have a solid understanding and consideration of your rugs requirements. Here at Arcadia Rug Spa we like to go the extra mile, so if it’s a friendly, reliable and affordable service you’re looking for, then look no further. Book your free no obligation quote today, and let us help you to make your area rug look and smell beautiful once again.