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Local Couple set up Rug Cleaning Spa

Local Couple Set up Rug Cleaning Spa in Northwich, Cheshire.
Derek and Sian West had been running their successful carpet and upholstery business Arcadia Cleaners in Cheshire for 10 years. Their customers asked on a regular basis if they would also clean their rugs.

So they set up Arcadia Rug Spa in Northwich in 2016. A dedicated Rug cleaning facility in Northwich, the town where they live, which is very central to all of Cheshire and has easy access from lots of major roads around us. Our unit also has easy access and ample parking to the front if you wish to drop your rugs off with us.

So why set up a rug cleaning spa?

It’s not really the best practice to clean a rug in a customers home as this isn’t REALLY cleaning the rug, more just a surface clean that will make the rug APPEAR clean which also doesn’t last long. If you watch our rug cleaning video you will see why cleaning your rug properly can’t be completed in your home.

A thorough deep clean on a regular basis will prolong the life of your rug, Rugs are excellent filters in your home trapping dust and allergens from out of the air you breath but as you would need to clean out any other filters that you use in your home you also need to clean your rugs. If you let the dust, soil and allergens build up in your rug then these become abrasive on the fibres and as you walk on your rug these soils start to cause wear to the fibres and over time damage the rug.

To learn more about our thorough rug cleaning process please see our 12 step rug cleaning process, your rug really does get the spa treatment or if you would like more information with rug cleaning advice.

If you are interested in our rug cleaning service please contact us on 01606 882712 or email us at info@arcadiarugspa.co.uk for more information.