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Hand Knotted Rug Repairs and Restoration

Although most hand knotted, hand woven, handmade rugs are very durable, they can become damaged over time either from fading, wear and tear, moth damage, pet damage, water damage or even accidental damage. Here at Arcadia rug spa we have many solutions to rescue, salvage and correct your rug back to its former glory. Yes, we clean rugs to a very high standard and have a comprehensive Rug Cleaning Process but we can also do a number of different types of rug repairs and restorations to get that beautiful family rug, back to its best and looking great again.

Moth damage in rugs. This is an extremely common problem found in wool rugs, wool is an organic fibre and therefore is a lovely meal for carpet moths and other small insects. Over time these little critters can munch their way through numerous amounts of wool destroying large areas of your rug, which will have an impact on the appearance of your beautiful rug. We have numerous ways of correcting this depending on the construction and level of damage to the rug, we have a fantastic range of wool yarns to match as close as possible to the damage areas. We can re-weave new tufts to add those missing pieces of your rug to give it back its pile.

Wear and tear on a rug can also be corrected by re-tufting, again with our vast stock of wool rug yarns we can match as close as possible, obviously we can’t replicate the age of the tufts so there will be some slight difference in the appearance, but over time the repair will bed in and become virtually unnoticeable to most house guests who aren’t looking for the repair.

Fading in rugs can be corrected by recolouring/re-dyeing the fibres of your rug, adding back that vibrant colour can make a rug look brand new again, please be aware though that if you like the natural characteristics of your rug then a recolour is not for you. Sometimes we just advise to leave the rug it as it is and to enjoy the age it shows, after all that is a lot of an antique rugs charm.

Damaged fringes on Persian and oriental hand knotted rugs can be either repaired or tied off by hand to secure the ends of the rug (a cost-effective option versus a full restoration) This will prolong the life of the rug for you to enjoy for many more years to come. We regularly get asked to tie off and secure fringes. We can even hand make a new fringe to piece to fit a damaged section read our blog post on restoring a handmade fringe on a Hand knotted Rug

If you have a rug that is in distress and needs repairing, why not get in touch, we would love to help and if we can we will. Either call for a friendly chat or send us a picture via our contact page so we can have a look at the damage and advise accordingly. All advice is completely free of charge, remember, we love what we do, rug cleaning and restoring rugs is our passion, and we’d love to hear from you and help in anyway if we can do.