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Rug Cleaning London

Arcadia Rug Spa are specialist rug cleaners who cater for customers in London

Specialist Rug Cleaning London

Owners of Arcadia Rug Spa, Derek and Sian, set up their highly sought after rug cleaning business in 2016 after years of being in the carpet cleaning industry. Our customers who we had serviced from all over the North West for years kept asking if we could clean their rugs to the same high standard as their carpets. 

After thorough and extensive research, training and acquiring of specialist rug cleaning equipment from all over the world, we opened our dedicated rug cleaning business in Northwich, Cheshire. We loved cleaning rugs so much that we decided to only clean and restore rugs and closed our carpet cleaning business shortly after, meaning that we are the only Specialist dedicated rug cleaning company in the whole of Cheshire and the NorthWest, who solely clean and repair rugs. All other companies that clean rugs, do so as an add on to their main business of either carpet cleaning or rug selling.

We receive rugs by courier everyday from customers from all over the UK who wish for their rugs to have the Arcadia Rug Spa cleaning experience.

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A Rug Cleaning Service that is highly sought after, Trusted & Reliable

We are a family run business who specialise in just rug cleaning and rug restoration. We have over 30 combined years experience in the rug cleaning industry and are proud of our dedication to expert care and knowledge of all types of rugs.

To find out how we can bring a new life back to your precious rugs, give us a call today on 01606 882712 or fill in the form and we’ll give you a quotation based on your needs.

Rug Cleaning Experts for London

We offer our rug cleaning service to all customers in and around the London area, Most customers use a courier service to send their rugs to us and collect them again. It can be convenient and cost effective to use a courier service.

Some customers even travel to us with their rugs for our sought after specialist rug cleaning service or our in house rug restoration service when other businesses haven’t be able to help. We accept rugs from all over the UK including London, Wales, Scotland and even from N.Ireland and Ireland.

So what makes us the Most sought after Rug Cleaning specialists in the UK?

  • Dedicated rug cleaning and repair Service.
  • The Most thorough clean possible
  • Excellent Customer Service with hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • We are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm no need to make an appointment.
  • We are always onsite, not off cleaning carpets or selling rugs.
  • It’s all we do, we clean all types of rugs and fibres; including silk and viscose.
  • Professional carpet cleaners trust us to clean their customers’ rugs for them.
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • Extensively trained and 30 years of combined experience in the industry.
  • Gold Star ⭐ Members of Woolsafe
  • Members of ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists)
  • Accept rugs by couriers from all over the UK
  • All rug repairs and restoration completed by us and not outsourced.
Rug Cleaning Memberships
Rug Cleaning

Expert Rug Cleaning

With an extremely thorough cleaning process for rug cleaning, We’ve invested in the best state of the art equipment from around the world. Both Derek and Sian have given lots of time and dedication to intensive training to extend their knowledge of rugs, cleaning and restoration on a regular basis.

Our services are suitable for all types of rugs Including, Wool, Sheepskin Hides, Oriental and Persian Carpets


Rug Repairs and Restoration

Our rug repairs and restoration service appeals to everyone from loss adjusters, fire and flood companies, to any one who has damage to their precious rug, Whether from it’s from a fire or pet damage, age, mould or general wear. Arcadia have the knowledge, dedication and equipment to restore even the worst damage. We have brought many sentimental, precious rugs back to life and avoided being sent to landfill.


Pet stains and Odour Treatments

We are quite often told by our customers that they would like their rug cleaning because their pet spends most of their time sleeping on it. In most cases we are also asked to treat Pet accidents and odours, there are plenty of suitable treatments to completely eradicate the odours. More importantly we don’t use over powering fragrances to mask the odour. Our process and treatments leave your area rug odour free and safe for your pets to enjoy once again.